How do I receive a Shipment? (Advanced Inventory)

If you're a Merch Rep on the road you'll need to be able to receive inbound Shipments. Follow these steps to do so. 

To Receive a Shipment: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • If you have an inbound Shipment, you'll notice a blue indication next to Tour Inventory under Tours
  • Click on Tour Inventory


  • If you have more than 1 Trailer saved, click on the one where the Shipment is going to from the pop-up menu. The blue indicator will appear next to the Trailer with an inbound Shipment


  • Click on the Arrow button next to the Trailer's name in the upper left
  • Click on View Shipments from the menu


  • Locate the Shipment from the list you want to receive and click the Receive button

Tip: The Camera icon will give you a visual preview of the items in the Shipment


  • Now, on the Shipment detail page, confirm or enter the correct Received quantities
  • Click on the Receive Now button to receive and complete the Shipment. This will also move the inventory quantities from In-Transit to On Hand


Additional Options:

  • Cancel Shipment: This cancels the Shipment completely 
  • Receive Later: Marks the Shipment Received but does not move the inventory from In-Transit to On Hand. This is to acknowledge that you've received the Shipment but have not yet counted and confirmed the quantities
  • Reject: Changes the status of the Shipment to Rejected and leaves the inventory quantities In Transit


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