How do I report my nightly music sales to SoundScan? (Mobile)

With our SoundScan Reporter package, you can report your nightly Venue music sales to SoundScan on or on our Artist Manager Mobile app. This article will cover the process of reporting sales to SoundScan using our Artist Manager mobile app. 

For information on how to report sales on desktop click here

To Report Music Sales on the Artist Manager Mobile App: 

  • Log in to your account on the app
  • If you are a user of multiple accounts, select an account from the slide out menu by tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner
  • Tap the show you want to report sales for


  • Tap the Sales button
  • Enter the quantities sold in the Qty. Sold cell for each item


  • Tap Submission in the upper right corner


  • Confirm the Venue Rep details
  • Tap the Venue Rep Signature button


  • Get the Venue Rep's signature in the signature area and tap the Save button. The Venue Rep's signature is required to continue and report sales to SoundScan


  • Tap the Submit Venue Sales button


Clicking Submit Venue Sales will trigger the nightly SoundScan reports to go out to all parties on your User and Email Lists. The SoundScan report will provide a breakdown of albums sold, total quantity sold, and total revenue, along with the status of the submissions. The show will also now be moved from to Completed. 


A red flag warning will appear next to any item that does not have a UPC saved. The UPC must be registered in the country the show takes place (USA or Canada) in order to report sales.


You'll also see detailed warnings in yellow at the bottom of the page for any items that do not have UPCs saved.


SoundScan reporting is built into our Tour Merch Mgmt, Advanced Inventory, and MerchIQ packages but you must still have registered UPCs saved for all music items.

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