How do I create a new merch Order? (Advanced Inventory)

If you're on our Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ packages, you have the ability to create multiple Warehouses & Trailers and distribute inventory between them from the Global, Warehouse, or Trailer pages. You can create new inventory Orders from any of these pages and the process is the same for Advanced Inventory and MerchIQ users.

Create an Order: 

  • Log in to
  • Click on Inventory
  • The page will default to Global
  • Click on the Shopping Cart button under the item's image
  • Enter the quantities you want to order
  • Click Create Order


Add to the Order:

Now that you've created the Order, you'll see the Shopping Cart button has turned blue to indicate there is a pending Order for this item.

You have the option to add to any pending Orders, or create new Orders by clicking on the Shopping Cart button for any item. Pending Orders will be available to select from the pop-up menu. 


Any Orders created will remain pending until they're processed. For more information on working with pending Orders see:


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