Processing pending Orders (Advanced Inventory)

If you've created an Order in Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ, it needs to be processed in order to create a Shipment. The process for working with pending Orders is the same for Advanced Inventory and MerchIQ users. 

  • Click on the Inventory button
  • You'll notice a blue indicator showing a pending Order
  • Click on Orders
  • Click the Camera button to see images of the items in the Order
  • Click on the Edit & Order button for the Order you want to access


  • Change the status of the Order by using the Order Status dropdown
  • Click Save Order at any time to save the current status of the Order

The Order Status must be changed to Placed in order to be able to process the Shipment. Once the Order is ready for shipping, change the status to Placed and click on Save Order.

  • Remove items from the Order by clicking the X button
  • Edit any of the quantities as needed
  • To export a PDF click the PDF button


Creating Shipments:

From the Order page, you have the ability to create 1 Shipment for the entire Order, or create multiple Shipments per item.

To create 1 Shipment for the entire Order:

  • Click Ship All and select the destination
  • Click the Create Shipment button 


  • Use the Box button to create individual Shipments by item. This will create a Split Shipment
  • Assign a destination for the inventory quantities. This is where the quantities, once received, will be applied
  • Click Next


  • Enter the quantity of each size you want to apply to the Shipment
  • Click the Create Shipment button


  • Create multiple Split Shipments per item or add to existing Shipments by clicking the Box button again
  • Add additional items to a Split Shipment by clicking the Box button under the item and selecting one of the existing Split Shipments
  • You can jump to the Shipment for a Split Shipment by clicking the blue title


Now that you've created your Shipments, you need to process them. For more information on how to process pending Shipments see:


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