Does atVenu Register work in Europe?

Yes, atVenu Register does work in Europe, however it is still in beta. Some customers have experienced an increased number of credit card declines while using atVenu Register overseas.

Declines are triggered by the customer's issuing bank and can occur anytime the bank suspects fraudulent activity. If the issuing bank notices a charge from an irregular point of sale (POS) it can trigger fraud suspicion and decline the charge. Touring bands are considered irregular since the POS is mobile, processing transactions in different cities, states, and even countries. This is compounded when banks notice transactions for POS businesses from one country processing transactions in another country.

Manual entry of the CC is one way to avoid or limit declines. The bank sees a manual entry as a card non-present transaction, like an internet order, and this will reduce the number of declines you'll experience while processing transactions in another country.

atVenu Register accepts the following currencies: Euros, Pounds, & Kroner. All chipped credit cards can be swiped, however, chipped debit cards cannot be swiped since these require a PIN code.

Here are a few more important things to note when using atVenu Register in Europe:

  • You must have a US or Canadian Bank Account in order to set up atVenu Register
  • atVenu Register will automatically default to the local currency for the country of the selected show
  • All credit card charges will be processed in the local currency where the transaction occurred
  • All deposits will be converted to the currency associated with your saved bank account (USD or Canadian Dollars)

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