Why can't I see all of my music sales by year or tour? (SoundScan Reporter)

Our SoundScan Reporter package reports venue music sales on a show by show basis. While you do have access to all of your historical show data, you are not able to see cumulative venue music sales by year or tour. This type of reporting becomes available at our Tour Merch Mgmt package level and up. If you'd like the ability to generate reports for total music sales by tour or year, upgrade your account.

If you'd like to upgrade your account see: How do I upgrade my account?

While you cannot generate sales reports with SoundScan Reporter, you do have access to all of your previous show history. You are always able to access your sales data by viewing each completed show's Sales Submission Review page individually, even if the tour has already been completed or closed.

To Access Sales Data for Closed Tours: 

  • Log in to your account at atVenu.com
  • Click the Settings button
  • Click Manage Tours
  • Click on the tour you'd like to view


  • Click the (N) Nielsen SoundScan button to access the Sales Submission page for each show




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