What's the difference between Tour Planning and Forecasting? (MerchIQ)

Tour Planning and Forecasting are features of our MerchIQ package.

Tour Planning

Tour Planning is done pre-tour. Before your tour starts, add the details of your Tour, Routing, Merch Items, and Expenses. Plan inventory needs for Headline, Support, and Festival shows all within the same tour. Once you've entered all of the information, atVenu will provide a Tour Plan Summary. 

For more information on Tour Planning see: Tour Planning (MerchIQ)


Tour Forecasting

Forecasting kicks in once your tour starts. Project Gross, Expenses, and Net Profit on tour merch.
Predict nightly show settlements and know exactly how much merch to order. Real time algorithmic forecasts tell you what you will run out of and when. atVenu will show you how your Tour Plan compares to the actual show data. 

For more information on Tour Forecasting see: Tour Forecasting (MerchIQ)



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