Save merch items to a Trailer or Warehouse (Advanced Inventory)

Once you've created your merch items under Inventory > Global, you now need to assign or save them to a Trailer or Warehouse. The process for saving items to a Trailer or Warehouse is the same.

To Save Merch Items to a Trailer or Warehouse: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on the Inventory button
  • The page will default to Global
  • Click the Save Merch to Trailer/Warehouse link


From this page you can assign any of your saved items to any of your saved Trailer or Warehouses. This process will save the item itself to the Trailer or Warehouse but does not add or move any inventory quantities to the selected location.

  • Click the Save Merch to/Please Choose dropdown and select the location you want to assign your items to
  • Click the circle next to any item you want to assign to the selected location
  • A grey check mark in the circle means the item is already saved to the selected location
  • If you have a large number of items you are able to search or filter the list by type
  • Click on the Save button to apply your changes


These items are now saved to the location you selected. Remember, only the item itself has been assigned. No inventory quantities have been moved or applied. 

Also see: How do I add inventory quantities to my merch items? (Advanced Inventory)



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