How do I add inventory quantities to my merch items? (Advanced Inventory)

In addition to creating your items and saving them to Trailers or Warehouses, you also need to add inventory quantities. On our Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ packages, the process is the same. 

To Add Inventory Quantities: 

  • Click on the Inventory button
  • The page will default to Global 
  • Click on the (+) Plus button for the item you want to add inventory for
  • Select the location you'd like to add inventory to
  • Click Next


  • Enter your inventory quantities
  • Click Next


  • Enter your Cost of Goods. You can choose to enter a new COG for this inventory add or use the Weighted Average COG. If you do not enter a new COG, the existing Weighted Average COG will be applied. For more information regarding Weighted Average COG see: Can I change my Cost of Goods (COG)?
  • Click the Add button and the new quantities will be added to your Warehouse or Trailer On Hand inventory


To Add Inventory from a Warehouse or Trailer page: 

You can also add inventory for an item from the specific Warehouse or Trailer page. The process is the same as above except that you do not need to select a location. Add your quantities, COG, and click Add then quantities will be added to On Hand inventory for that Warehouse or Trailer. 


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