How do I add new merch items? (Artist Account)

In addition to adding your Routing, you also need to add your merch items and then save them to your tour in order to settle shows on our Tour Merch Mgmt package. 

To Add Merch Items: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • If you're on our Tour Merch Mgmt package, click on the Merch button, then click on Add Merch


  • If you're on our Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ packages, click on the Inventory button, then click on Add Merch


Add Item Details: 

  • To add an image, Drag & Drop your product image directly to the image thumbnail or click it to load the Crop & Save screen where you can Drag & Drop an image file, choose a local file, use Dropbox or access the camera on your device. You can always return later to add images for your saved merch items
  • Enter a Description (Item Name)
  • Select the Category (Apparel, Music, Other). The category of an item is how atVenu applies the Merch or Music Cut at settlement
  • Select the Type (T-Shirt, Hoodie, Hat, etc...) Scroll in the menu for more options
  • Select Sex (Male, Female, Unisex)
  • Select Color from the menu - Scroll in the menu for more options
  • Click on the Sizes button and then enable all available sizes
  • Enter SKUs for each available size if needed
  • Enter the Sale Price and Cost of Goods for each available size
  • Set the Reorder Type priority (This is particularly important if you're on our MerchIQ package)
  • Select Headline, Support or Festival for where the item will be available (This is particularly important if you're on our MerchIQ package)
  • Click on Save to save now to click on Save & New to save and add more items


Change the Order of Items: 

Once your item is saved, it will be inserted at the bottom of your merchandise list. You can drag & drop to change the order of your items at any time from this page. If you're using atVenu Register, this order will dynamically update there as well.

Save Items to a Tour or Trailer: 

Now that your new items have been saved, you can save them to a tour if you're on Tour Merch Mgmt or to a Trailer if you're on Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ.

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