How do I ship merch to a Trailer or Warehouse? (Advanced Inventory)

If you're on our Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ packages, you have the ability to create multiple Warehouses & Trailers and move or distribute inventory between them from the Global, Warehouse, or Trailer pages. You can move your inventory with Shipments or Transfers. This article focuses on Shipments.

To Create a Shipment from the Global View Page: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on Inventory
  • The page will default to Global
  • Click on the Box button under the item's image
  • Click on Ship in the pop-up menu
  • Select the Ship From location
  • Select the Ship To location
  • Click Next


  • Enter your Shipment quantities
  • Click Create Shipment


  • Now that you've created the Shipment, you'll see the Box button has turned blue to indicate there is a pending Shipment for this item
  • You'll also see a blue indicator next to Shipments in the navigation


Add to the Shipment:

If you click on the Box button for any other item and have already created Shipments, you have the option to add to any of those pending Shipments, create new Shipments, or save a Transfer. 


Process the Shipment: 

You've created the Shipment but it is only pending until you process it.

  • Click on Shipments
  • On the Shipments list page, click on the Ship button for the Shipment you want to process


  • Enter any pertinent Shipment information (Contact Names, Phone, Email, Shipper Account Number, Tracking Number, and Shipping Cost)
  • The Ship To location can be added using the Upcoming Venues dropdown. Here, you can select from a list of Venues that have been added to your Routing
  • Click on the Change Facilities button to change the source and destination facilities
  • Export a PDF version of the Shipment using the PDF button at the top of the page
  • Edit any of the quantities as needed or remove any item from a Shipment before processing it by clicking the X button below the item's image
  • You can save the information you entered without processing the Shipment by clicking Save. You can return later to finish processing the Shipment
  • Cancel the entire Shipment by clicking Cancel Shipment
  • To process the Shipment, confirm the Shipment quantities are correct and then click Ship Now to process it


  • Now that you've clicked Ship Now, the Shipment is in-transit and the quantities will be removed from your On Hand inventory and are now reflected as Inbound and Outbound quantities


To Create a Shipment Merchandise from Warehouse or Trailer Page: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on Inventory
  • To Transfer from a Warehouse, click on Warehouses. If you have more than 1, click on the Warehouse you want to Transfer from in the pop-up menu
  • To Transfer from a Trailer, click on Trailers. If you have more than 1, click on the Trailer you want to Transfer from in the pop-up menu
  • Click on the Box button under the item's image
  • The Transfer From location will be pre-selected
  • Select the Transfer To location
  • Click Next
  • Enter your Transfer quantities
  • Click Transfer
  • Repeat this process for each item that requires a Transfer


Also see: How do I receive a Shipment?


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