Which atVenu package is right for me?

atVenu offers multiple packages to suit the needs of Artists, Venues & Festivals, and Record Labels. Below is a quick breakdown of the different package options with some key feature details. 

If you'd like to upgrade your account see: How do I upgrade my account?

For Artists:

SoundScan Reporter: $10 per Touring Month

This package is right for you if you need to simply report your Venue Music sales to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • Digitally submit your Venue Music sales to Nielsen SoundScan
  • Ability to report Presales
  • Historical record of Venue sales

Tour Merch Mgmt: $60 per Touring Month

This package is right for you if you need the ability to add merchandise items, track your inventory, and Settle your shows with the Venue.

  • All SoundScan Reporter features included
  • Create Multiple Tours and assign Merch / Music items and inventory to each
  • Manage all Tour Inventory with real-time status updates
  • Artist and Venue auto-calculated Settlements
  • Robust reporting by tour or date range for sales, financials, profit margin, and more

Advanced Inventory Mgmt: $100 per Touring Month

This package is right for you if you need the ability to create Warehouses and Trailers, create Orders and Shipments, and need more granular inventory control. 

  • All Tour Merch Mgmt features included
  • Manage multiple Warehouse and Trailer inventories
  • Create Orders, Shipments, and track inventory
  • Global inventory view displaying all Warehouse, Trailer, Shipment and Orders
  • Full Weighted Average accounting methods integrated into profit reports and inventory costs

MerchIQ: $200 per Touring Month

This package is right for you if you need all of the above but also need Tour Planning and Forecasting for even more control over your merchandise business.

  • All Advanced Inventory Mgmt features included
  • Project Gross, Expenses, and Net Profit on tour merch
  • Tour Planning & Forecasting

For more information on all of our available Artist packages, please visit: atVenu.com/Artists

For Record Labels:

If you're a Record Label interested in a SoundScan Reporter account, please visit: atVenu.com/sign-up-labels

For Venues & Festivals:

  • Streamline merch management by easily controlling the Check In, Check Out, and Settlement of merchandise items for multiple Artists at an event.
  • Auto-Advance with any Artist on your show
  • Manage distribute stands across Multiple Stands
  • Automated nightly reporting and Artist Settlements
  • Real-time sales 
  • Manage Artist and event specific merchandise all within one system

If you're a Venue, please visit: atVenu.com/Venues. If you're a Festival, please visit: atVenu.com/Festivals

atVenu Register:

atVenu Register is available to all Artists, Venues, & Festivals. For more information about atVenu Register, please visit: atVenu.com/Register


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