How do I unarchive or bring back a merch item? (Tour Merch Mgmt)

On our Tour Merch Mgmt package, you have the ability to Archive merch items from your master merch list on the Merch page. If you've Archived an item and want to bring it back, follow these steps:

To Unarchive a Merch Item:

  • From the Merch page, scroll to the bottom of your merch items
  • Click the Show Archived button


  • Locate the item you want to bring back and click on the Unarchive button
  • To return to your active merch list, click the Show Active button or click on the Merch button in the main navigation

Unarchiving an item brings back the item itself. It does not bring back any inventory that might have ben associated with the item when it was Archived. 



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