What is a Verified Venue?

A Verified Venue is a Venue for which details have been confirmed by atVenu. You'll notice when adding shows that many Venues have a blue check mark next to the word Verified. 

If you click a Verified Venue from the dropdown selector when adding your shows, the Venue specific details that have been Verified will automatically populate in the appropriate cells for you. 

A Verified Venue's address and phone number fields are not editable but you can always go back and change the Venue you selected.


SoundScan Reporting Note: A Venue is Verified when the details of the Venue have been verified by atVenu. This does not automatically mean that the Venue is approved in the SoundScan system for reporting music sales.

If you are uncertain whether a venue site is eligible please check with SoundScan up to 2 weeks prior to the event for confirmation at nielsenvenue@nielsen.com.


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