How to add music items (SoundScan Reporter)

Once you've added your Routing, you'll want to add your music items in order to start reporting sales to SoundScan. Remember, you must enter UPCs and those UPCs must be registered with SoundScan in order to report any sales. 

To Add Music Items: 

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on Tours
  • Click on Music
  • Click on Add Music


Enter the Music Item Details:

  • Add your album cover. You can drag and drop an image right to the thumbnail or click it to open the editor where you can drag and drop your image, position and save
  • Enter the Description (Album Title) and Sale Price
  • Select the Type from the dropdown (CD, Vinyl, etc)

Enter a UPC:

  • Enter a valid, SoundScan registered UPC

atVenu will scan the SoundScan database to see if your UPC is registered for US or Canada or both. A blue checkmark will let you know that the UPC is already registered with SoundScan. For more on this see: What do the blue check marks next to my UPC mean?

Only one UPC is required and can be registered in both Canada and the US. The additional field is for items that have 2 assigned UPC codes specific to each country (US and Canada).


  • If your Music item is a Presale, click the check box next to the word Presale

If your item is a Presale you will be required to enter the Official Release Date in addition to a Record Rep Contact Email. For more information on Presales see: Can I report Presales to SoundScan?


  • Click Save to finish or click Save & New to save and add another item



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