How do I override the Default Trailer?

If you are on our Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ package, you have the ability to configure Trailers and set one as the Default Trailer for your tour. 

In the event that you have Festivals or one-off shows as part of a tour that require a different Trailer for drop-ships, as an example, you can change the Trailer associated with that particular show in Routing

To override the Default Trailer: 

  • Click on Tours
  • Click on Routing
  • Hover over the show you want to edit to reveal the buttons
  • Click on the Pencil button on the right to edit the show


  • Click on the Show Inventory Pulled From dropdown
  • Select a different Trailer from the list
  • Click Save and the show now has a different Trailer associated with it, while the Default Trailer is still linked to any show that has not been overridden 



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