How to remove an item from Tour Inventory (Tour Merch Mgmt)

If you're on our Tour Merch Mgmt package, the items associated with your tour live on the Tour Inventory page. You do have the ability to remove or hide linked items from a tour without deleting them from your master merch item list on the Merch page.

To Hide an item:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Click on Tours
  • Click on Tour Inventory
  • Hover over the item to reveal the edit button
  • Click on the Pencil button that appears next to the item's name


  • In the edit window, click the Hide button
  • You'll see a warning pop up. Click OK to Hide the item. 

In order to add the item back to the same tour, you must link the item to the tour again on the Merch page. For information on linking items to tours see: Link merch items to a tour (Tour Merch Mgmt)


You can not hide items that have inventory levels. Inventory must be at 0

If the item you want to hide has inventory associated with it, you must first manually Remove that inventory. For information on manually removing inventory see: How to manage inventory on Tour Merch Mgmt 


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