Can I change my Cost of Goods (COG)?

COG on Tour Merch Mgmt:

With our Tour Merch Mgmt package, you can update your COG at any time. When you change the item's COG, it will be applied to everything moving forward. Previously settled shows and reports are not impacted.

COG on Advanced Inventory Mgmt or MerchIQ:

With our Advanced Inventory Mgmt and MerchIQ packages you can change the original COG up until the item is first Counted In. It is locked thereafter and can not be changed.

At these package levels, we apply a Weighted Average Cost of Goods calculation to your items. This Weighted Average calculation relies on the original COG saved when you first added the item as its baseline. Then, as you add new inventory to this item with different COG numbers, an average is calculated. Because of this, you can not change the original COG you entered for the item once you count it in for the first time. 

When you add new inventory to an item you will be presented with the most recent Weighted Average COG. You can choose to use this average COG or you can override this for new inventory additions. If you enter nothing, the Weighted Average COG will be applied.


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