SoundScan Ticket+Music Bundle Policy

IMPORTANT: You can not report Ticket+Music Bundle sales through atVenu. 

This article is provided by atVenu on behalf of SoundScan. Any specific questions on this topic must be directed to SoundScan.

In order to report Ticket+Music Bundle sales, you must work directly with the Nielsen SoundScan Team. SoundScan and Billboard have a very specific application procedure with strict policies that must be adhered to in order for these sales to be reported. 

Application Process & Policies:

Download the SoundScan Ticket+Physical Music Bundle Application and the Ticket+Album Bundle Policies below. You must complete the application and submit to SoundScan for approval prior to your event. 

The application must be submitted either 7 days or 14 days prior to the ticket on-sale date, depending on the ticket on-sale and music release dates. See the Ticket+Album Bundle Policies document for more details. 

Email your completed application to:

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