Setting up atVenu Register with a US Bank Account

You can setup atVenu Register in the US or Canada using a US or Canadian Bank Account. Funds are converted to the currency of the saved Bank Account upon deposit. Deposits occur 2 business days after each event.

To get started with a US account: 

  • Click on the Register button 
  • Click on Bank Info
  • Select United States
  • Then select Company or Individual
  • Enter all of the required information including Verified Point of Contact details and Bank Account Information

All entry fields are required

If you're setting up Register as an Individual: You will be required to enter the complete Verified Point of Contact's Social Security Number along with a scanned copy or a photo of the photo page on a Passport or front of a Driver's License.

Note: The scanned image must be in color and must be .jpg or .png format

If you're setting up Register as a Company: You will be required to enter last 4 digits of a Verified Point of Contact's Social Security Number.

  • Accept the Terms of Service and the Stripe Connected Account Agreement
  • Click the Activate Account button

Once you click Activate Account, the verification process has started. The processing time can vary from only a few minutes to up to 1 day. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for the verification process.


Wait, you aren't done yet. You still need to order your Card Readers: 

  • Click on the Order Readers link
  • Select from our two available options:
    • Lite Reader (Audio Jack)
    • Pro Reader (Lightning)
  • Add to cart and checkout

Only Credit Card Readers ordered from atVenu will work with atVenu Register.


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