How do I manually accept credit cards in atVenu Register?

You can always accept credit cards manually in atVenu Register when the customer's card can not be swiped or the magnetic strip can not be read. 

To process credit card sales manually:

  • Add your items and quantities to the cart and tap the green Charge or Checkout button to begin entering payment details
  • Tap on the Card Number field and enter the credit card number
  • Once you've entered the valid CC number, you'll be prompted to enter the expiration date
  • Once you've entered the expiration date, you'll be prompted to enter the CVC code (This is the 3 digit code on the back of the card or 4 digit code for AMEX)
  • Only once you have entered all of the required information the Check Mark button will turn blue
  • Once the button turns blue, tap it to process the transaction.

If you do not enter all of the required information and then tap the blue Check Mark button the transaction will not be processed.





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