How do I exchange an item if the sale has already been processed? (iPad)

With atVenu Register, items can be exchanged to ensure your inventory levels remain correct. This article focuses on exchanges that occur after the transaction has already been processed.

To process an exchange on iPad:

  • First add the item the customer wishes to exchange to the cart by selecting it from the inventory list and then selecting the size to be returned
  • Then select the new item the customer wants by tapping the item and selecting the size


  • You'll notice your cart now has both items in it


  • Swipe left on the item you want to return
  • Tap the Return button to process the return and the item being returned will now show a negative amount
  • Since these items were the same price, you'll notice the total due has been zeroed out. If the items were different prices, this total would display the total due seller or total due customer


  • You’ll now see a screen confirming the return has been processed
  • Your inventory has been updated based on the item being exchanged. Tour Merch Management package and up is required to utilize inventory features
  • Tap Done, or if the customer requests a receipt, tap Receipt and enter the customer details



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