SoundScan Venue Sales Policies

  • Nielsen SoundScan will only accept sales that occurred within atVenu during the weekly period of Friday - Thursday. All sales through atVenu must be submitted by Friday at 12:00pm / Noon EST.
  • Nielsen SoundScan will not process sales that occurred at libraries, YMCAs, malls, campgrounds, public and private schools, offices, lawn and house concerts are all ineligible venue sites. If you are uncertain whether a venue site is eligible please check with SoundScan up to 2 weeks prior to the event for confirmation.
  • During the time that Nielsen SoundScan needs to verify sales and we are unable to confirm with the venue representative by Friday of the reporting week, Nielsen SoundScan will not process the sales.
  • Music that is sold at concerts prior to the albums’ release date should be reported when the product is sent to the consumer. Notification must be presented to SoundScan through atVenu or sales will be counted as if the consumer received the product at the show.
  • Music sold at conventions and trade shows are only eligible if a ticket is sold separate from the convention ticket package. A consumer must have the option of either purchasing a ticket separate from the convention ticket package.
  • Ticketing and CD bundling is not eligible if the consumer does not have an option to purchase the CD and ticket individually. The consumer must have the option to purchase the ticket for entrance and the CD under his / her discretion. The price of the single ticket must be different from that of the bundle.
  • Shows that occur in a retail store (in-store appearance) should be reported by the retail store along with proper advanced communication to Nielsen SoundScan.
  • Purchases made by one individual in bulk for redistribution or gifts are also ineligible venue sales and therefore will not be processed.
  • Exclusives sold at venues are not eligible to chart. 

Please contact the Nielsen SoundScan Team with additional questions at [email protected]


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