How do I enter sales in atVenu Register? (iPad)

To enter a sale on iPad:

  • Once logged in, tap the current show you're selling merch for
  • All merch items in your Nightly Count page will automatically sync to atVenu Register


  • Select an item
  • Select a size to add it to the cart
  • Update quantities as needed by tapping + or -


  • Tap on Charge to complete the transaction or tap another item to add more items to the cart
  • You'll see all items in the Current Sale column


Charge the customer:

  • Tap Exact Cash if exact cash was received, or to make change manually 
  • Or tap on the cash Received field to enter the cash received amount and atVenu Register will calculate the change
  • Or swipe the Credit Card for processing and signature
  • You can split the transaction between cash and CC by tapping the Split button


  • Your transaction is now complete. If a receipt is needed, tap the Receipt button and enter the customers details


atVenu Register will track real-time inventory as transactions are completed. 



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