Setting up atVenu Register with a Canadian Bank Account

You can setup atVenu Register in the US or Canada using a US or Canadian Bank Account. For this article we'll focus on adding a Canadian Account.

To get started with a Canadian account: 

  • Click on the Register button 
  • Click on Bank Info
  • Select Canada
  • Then select Company or Individual
  • Enter all of the required information including Verified Point of Contact details and Bank Account Information

All entry fields are required

You will be required to enter the Verified Point of Contact's Social Insurance Number along with a scanned copy or photo of the photo page on a Passport or front of the Driver's License.

Note: The image must be in color and must be .jpg or .png format 

  • Accept the Terms of Service and the Stripe Connected Account Agreement
  • Click the Activate Account button

Once you click Activate Account, the verification process has started. The processing time can vary from only a few minutes to up to 1 day. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for the verification process.


Wait, you aren't done yet. You still need to order your Card Readers: 

  • Click on the Order Readers link
  • Select from our two available options:
    • Lite Reader (Audio Jack)
    • Pro Reader (Lightning)
  • Add to cart and checkout

Only Credit Card Readers ordered from atVenu will work with atVenu Register.


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