I don't see any shows and I can’t report my sales to SoundScan

If you do not see any shows in your account, this means you still need to build your Routing. In order to report any sales to SoundScan, you must also have your Music items saved with registered UPCs.

Build your Routing


Save your Music items

  • Under Tours, click on Music and add your items
  • Make sure you’ve saved your music items with a valid UPC code that has been registered with SoundScan in order for any sales to be reported to SoundScan
  • For more on how to add music, see: How to add music items (SoundScan Reporter)


It can take up to 2 weeks for Nielsen SoundScan to process a new UPC registration. Once processed, it will be available in atVenu the following day.

To register a UPC visit: http://titlereg.soundscan.com/soundscantitlereg/


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