Setup a Personal Hotspot for Register (iOS)

Instructions for iOS devices including iPad and iPhone.

If you are running multiple Registers and need to establish a Personal Hotspot due to lack of Wi-Fi or connection issues, follow these steps:

  1. On the LTE enabled device, go to Settings and tap on Personal Hotspot
  2. Tap the indicator next to Personal Hotspot to enable
  3. Make a note of the password - You will need to enter this password into any device you are going to link to this Hotspot
  4. Now on the Wi-Fi only device(s), go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi
  5. Select the LTE enabled device's name from the list of available networks once it appears. If needed, you can locate the name of the LTE device under: Settings > General > About
  6. Enter the Hotspot password and you should now be connected. You can now close out of settings and return to the Home Screen






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