Why were my sales flagged or rejected by SoundScan?

There are specific guidelines that must be followed for SoundScan to accept your reported sales. Sales will be flagged and can be rejected if any of the following apply:

  • Sales were reported after the reporting deadline: Friday at 12pm / Noon EST
  • Sales are greater than 125 units per show. SoundScan will need to verify these sales with the Venue Rep. If SoundScan is unable to verify the sales, they can be edited or rejected by SoundScan
  • Minimum sale price was not met: Minimum price for an album is $3.49 or $.99 for a single
  • Venue Rep signature does not match the Venue Rep name
  • UPC was not valid or was not entered
  • UPC was not registered at the time sales were submitted. It can take up to 2 weeks for Nielsen SoundScan to process a new UPC registration. Once processed, it will be available in atVenu the following day
  • UPC was not registered in the country the show took place (USA or Canada)
  • UPC was not registered with Nielsen SoundScan. To register a UPC, please visit: http://titlereg.soundscan.com/soundscantitlereg/

For more information and reporting rules or additional questions please contact: [email protected]

You can view an audit log of your submissions with status updates and reasons for flagged or rejected sales:

  • Click on the (N) Nielsen SoundScan button from any completed show in Routing
  • Click on the (i) Info button on the Sales Submission page



Also see: How do I check the status of sales submitted to SoundScan? (SoundScan Reporter)


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