How do I add or delete someone from the email distribution list? (Artist Account)

Adding people to your email list means they will receive the Settlement emails, however, users added to this list will not have any account visibility or access. Note, users saved under Manage Users will receive settlement emails and do not need to be saved under Manage Email List.

To add a user to your email list for an Artist Account:

  • Click the Settings button and select Artist Settings
  • Select Manage Email List
  • Click the (+) Plus button
  • Enter an email address and click the Create Contact button


To delete a user from your email list:

  • Follow steps 1-2 above
  • Hover over the email you want to remove and click the X button


You must be an Account Owner access Account Settings.

This must be done online while logged in to This can not be done on the Artist Manager app. 


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