How do I account for Bundle Sales?

The best way to handle Bundles is to input a financial adjustment on your Settlement page. Do not create a separate bundle item on your inventory page.

When you sell a Bundle, keep a tally of how many you sell and the discount dollar amount for each. Do your Count In and Count Out as you normally would for each item. When you do, atVenu will calculate the gross you would have without the Bundles.

On the Settlement page log the Bundles in as a Show Cost:

  • In the cost description enter something like: “10 bundles, discount $5/bundle”
  • Enter a total cost.. For example: $50. This is the total cash you’re short due to the 10 bundles you sold
  • Then choose OFF TOP (Not Reimbursed) as the cost type. This will reduce your gross dollar amount by the money you’re short from these sales and reflect it in your adjusted gross.



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