Does the atVenu Artist Manager app work offline?

Yes. The atVenu mobile app works on any iOS device both online and offline.

You can use the mobile app to run and settle your show even without cellular service or Wifi. Once your device regains an internet connection, re-launch and refresh the atVenu app to sync all the data back to your account.

If you've settled a show while offline:

  • When you click Done on a Settlement while offline, you'll get the warning below. Go ahead and tap OK. 


  • Once you regain your internet connection, re-launch the app and go to the Routing page. Pull down and release to refresh the app. You'll notice the offline show displays a clock symbol. This clock signifies that atVenu has not yet synced the data for this show.


  • Make sure you wait to see the blue check mark next to the show. This indicates that all data has synced, inventory has been updated, and Settlement Reports have been sent out. 



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