How do I turn on Fraud Protection for my account?

atVenu Register has built in functionality to assist in ensuring customer charges are valid and you’re not getting chargebacks. There are 2 checks that atVenu will do, to catch fraudulent transactions:

  1. Verify 2nd transactions - often, customers with fraudulent cards will attempt to use a card more than once at a show.  Any second transaction will be flagged to be verified
  2. Transactions over a $ amount - large transactions can also be flagged for additional verification

Either of the above two fraud triggers, can be verified with one or both verification steps:

  1. Request the seller obtain identification from the customer
  2. Request a zip code from the customer, which will get verified as part of the credit card authorization

To update your Fraud Settings:

  1. Log into your atVenu account:
  2. Click on the Register button
  3. Click on Register Settings and select Fraud Protection from the left hand menu
  4. Update your Fraud Settings based on your requirements
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