How do I get started with atVenu Register?

How to get started:

1) Sign up for an atVenu Register account
- We’ll need to collect some contact and banking information to get your account setup. Log into and click on the Register tab to get started. 

2) Order an atVenu Credit Card Reader
- You’ll need an atVenu Credit Card reader. We have 2 types of readers, that can be shipped out to you in 1-3 business days. Under the Register tab, you'll find the Order Readers tab.

3) Download the app
- Download the atVenu Register app here

4) Start Selling
- All your shows, merch and prices are automatically sync’d into the app. Log into Register with your atVenu credentials, plug in your reader and start selling!

5) Review your Reports to see you sales
- See your Live Sales reports, including inventory levels under the Register / Sales tab.

Check out our getting started guide, for answers to the common questions you might have on how to use atVenu Register. Download it below.  


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