Merch items not showing up in atVenu Register?

To see your inventory in atVenu Register, your items must be configured properly. Log in to your account at and ensure that:

  1. All of your items are assigned to the show (visible on the Nightly Count page)
  2. All items have prices
  3. All items have names


Important Note Regarding Item Prices:

Once any show's Nightly Count page has been accessed, the existing prices are saved to each item for that particular show. If you have not yet saved prices in Tour Inventory, $0 will be saved as the price, and because of that, the item will now show up in atVenu Register.

If you update prices in Tour Inventory after a Count page has been accessed, you must revisit that show's Count page and manually update each item's price.

For more information on adding prices on the Nightly Count page see: Why aren't prices showing up on the Nightly Count page?


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